What’s My Story?

Hi my name is Harshey Kaur. I’m a twenty’ishh new fashion designer, trying to escape a quarter-life crisis.

I recently graduated from college and had no idea what I wanted to do with my life because I was suppressing my dreams to fulfill my parents wishes.

I come from a very conservative family and both of my parents are immigrants. Growing up they have always wanted me to have a secure traditional nine to five job. Even though I was interested in fashion growing up, I was never allowed to explore the arts.  However, in college I went through the process of truly finding myself and my interests. During that time, I found that my love for designing was more then just a hobby. I wanted to make designing and fashion my life.

PicMonkey Collage
Harshey Beaded Chain Purses 

I have been working on the design of the purses for my first collection for quite some time now. In last few months of my college journey I worked very hard to perfect the purse design for my first collection of Harshey Beaded  Chain Purses. The scariest part of creating my first collection was the uncertainty of my parents reaction. 

On graduation day I finally built up the courage to tell my parents about my dreams and project. I asked them to give me a year to show them that I can make it as a designer, as my college graduation gift. May parents agreed with one condition, if I cannot prove myself within a year, I will have to take the traditional nine to five job that they want me to. I had the idea of beaded strap purses for quite some time, but now I finally decided that I can and will pursue the idea. 

Now I need your help to share my purses and story with the world. 


*Days Left to Make My Dreams Come True: 273 (9 Months) 


2 thoughts on “What’s My Story?

    1. Thanks for checking out my story Mia. This project is my last chance before I too get forced into a desk job.
      BTW I randomly found your blog today and I have say you have amazing design, beautiful photos and great style.



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